Banana roll cake

Banana move for cake wipe cake 

4 eggs 

125 g powdered sugar 

150 g filtered flour 

1/2 bundle heating powder 

1 parcel of vanilla 

1/2 tea cup of milk 

Banana confectioner cream 

2.5 cups of milk 

1 tea cup powdered sugar 

1 tablespoon of starch (loading) 

1 tablespoon of flour (loading) 

Yolk of 2 eggs 

1 tablespoon unsalted spread or margarine 

100 ml cream 

1 parcel of vanilla 

1 bit of banana 


2 bits of banana (for banana move cake inside material) 

1 pack of whipped cream (to embellish) 

1 cup of virus milk (to whisk the building site) 

1 banana (for cutting and dunking into chocolate) 

160 g dull chocolate 

The most effective method to make banana move cake 

Experience the delectable taste of cream and banana with a banana move cake. 

For wipe cake, whisk the eggs and sugar until the froth is froth (for in any event 5 minutes). Include the filtered flour, preparing powder, milk and vanilla. Incorporate the material with the spatula from the base to the top to the air. Daintily spread on a medium size plate with greaseproof paper. Hit the plate on a level counter with the goal that the batter is uniformly disseminated inside the plate. Prepare in a pre-warmed 170 degree broiler for 20-25 minutes. 

For banana cake cream; Put every one of the fixings with the exception of spread and cream in the pan. Cook on a low warmth, until the consistency of custard. Include margarine, squashed banana puree and cream with a fork a couple of minutes before the download. Mix completely and acquire a smooth consistency, expel from the stove. Whisk now and again to counteract chilling. 

Expel the heated wipe cake from the broiler. Spread with a moist fabric and mellow to wrap effectively in move structure. When you get delicate, pour over the cream you arranged, strip the skin and spot the entire bananas. Move it up. To cover, apply the cream site as per the duty given on the bundle. Spread the building site on the banana move cake. Spot the bananas cut ​​and plunged in dull chocolate and brighten. 

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