Crepe Cake

Elements for hotcake cake formula 

2 cups of flour 

1 cup water 

2 eggs 

A spot of vanilla 

Oil for greasing up the skillet 

For middle of the road layers 

1/2 jars of cream cheddar (up to 100 g) 

1 tablespoon cleaved dill 

2-3 tablespoons tomato sauce 

For the abovementioned 

1 cup of cream cheddar 

1 tea cup of labne cheddar 

1 tea cup cream 

Cherry tomatoes 

Crisp thyme 

Instructions to make crepe cake 

For your uncommon minutes, you can plan flapjacks for your friends and family. 

For every one of the fixings, aside from tomatoes, whisk completely and move to the pressing pack. Keep the flapjacks in the fridge until you set them up. 

Beat the flour, juice, eggs, vanilla for flapjacks. Put the skillet on the stove. At the point when the dish is warm, include 1-2 teaspoons of oil. At the point when the oil is warm, pour the hotcake batter with the assistance of a little scoop. At the point when the surface is eye to eye, turn the opposite side and broil similarly. 

At the point when the hotcakes are cooked, take them on a level plate. Apply a slender layer of cream cheddar and hacked dill. Make another flapjack. 

Spot the cream cheddar cream on top. Spread the tomato sauce on this hotcake. 

Set up the rest of the fixings one layer of cream cheddar and one layer of tomato sauce. 

Before serving on the crepe cake, make bunches on the edges of the cheddar cream with the assistance of the crushing pack that you wear. On these loads, place 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil in a container without oil and cook the cherry tomatoes in general until the covering is somewhat broken. Triangle-molded cut can serve.