Strawberry cake

Elements for strawberry cake formula 

3 eggs 

125 g powdered sugar 

125 g filtered flour 

1 parcel of preparing powder 

1 parcel of vanilla 

For ice cream parlor cream 

2.5 cups of milk 

1 tea cup powdered sugar 

1 tablespoon of starch (storing) 

1 tablespoon of flour (storing) 

Yolk of 2 eggs 

1 tablespoon unsalted spread or margarine 

100 ml cream 

1 parcel of vanilla 

100 g white chocolate 

For between or more 


Entire strawberries and instant croissant pieces 

Step by step instructions to Make a Strawberry Pie 

For the wipe cake, beat the eggs and sugar until the froth is froth. Include the filtered flour, heating powder and vanilla. Ventilate from base to top with a spatula and blend the froth without quenching. Spread the base of a medium-sized clipped form with greaseproof paper and empty the batter into the shape. Spot on the base rack of the stove in a warmth safe compartment loaded up with water. Spot the cinched form on the center rack. Prepare in a pre-warmed 170 degree broiler for 40-45 minutes. 

For cake cream, put all fixings aside from spread and cream in sauce. Cook on an extremely low warmth until the custard turns out to be thick. Include spread, cream and white chocolate a couple of minutes before the download. Blend altogether and get a smooth consistency, expel from the stove. Every so often cool by anticipating whisking. 

Cut the cooked wipe cake down the middle, spread the baked good cream first, sprinkle the cleaved strawberries and croquette pieces. Spot a subsequent wipe cake on top. Spread the cream. Spot every one of the strawberries with the leaves, cool and serve by cutting.